About Me

My name is Eunice Naa Merley Addo Quao, my close friends and family calls me Naa, very bubbly and easy to get on with.  I am Ghanaian and grew up in Accra “Osu” and attended social advance institute then studied Spanish and French in Ghana institute of languages. I live in the UK now I am also a mum and a model and have been modelling for about 9 years and took a break when I had my lovely son whom I adore and live for, he will be 3 in November.

While I was home being a mum I came up with my personal fashion blog called Glossylipz , I am obsessed with fashion especially shoes and on my blog I share a little bit of my style and wardrobe. I have always loved fashion and as a child in Ghana back in the days when I was in secondary school and could not afford many stylish clothes, however I would always make sure I looked good in what I had and what my parents bought for me.

I love cooking, swimming, singing dancing and I am very much a shopaholic I’m also a self taught and freelance make-up artist, I never thought I would ever share my love of fashion with people and I am very grateful for the love and support of my friends and family.

Loads of Love from

Naa xoxo



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